Front Split Practice

Building One-arm Pulling Strength

At-home Skill Day
I adopted gymnastics movements to improve range of motion in my upper body and aid in alleviating persistent shoulder pain through strengthening muscle groups I neglected as a bodybuilder. Three years later, I no longer have shoulder pain thanks to a dedication to practicing gymnastics skills at least three times per week. One of those days is my Skill Day, when I focus on the gymnastic skills I struggle most with. It is not a high-calorie-burn workout, but a time to focus on executing every movement carefully and with patience.

It’s Never Too Late to Try New Skills
After three years of attempting to learn gymnastic skills completely on my own, I’ve realized some skills are just too technical to master without expertise and physical assistance. Tired of being stumped on the same skills for months and for some skills, years, I’ve decided to attend adult gymnastics classes at a local studio. Adopting gymnastics training has not only reignited a fresh excitement in me to never miss a workout, but it has also opened an avenue to years of new exercises and experiences, which is beneficial to my goal of lifelong fitness.

If you strive to be fit for life, trying new skills or a new sport is an excellent strategy to meet that goal, as the physical and mental adaptations involved can keep you occupied for years.

Unilateral Leg Exercise w/ Cables and Bosu Ball

Building Familiarity w/ Aerial Movement for Front Flips

Unilateral Leg Strength – Pistol-Squats-to-SL-Deadlift

Handstand Practice


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