Nutrient Timing
Book Review

The Nutrient Timing System Book Review

The key to a great physique is not just knowing what to eat, but also when to eat specific foods. The Nutrient Timing System was written by two men with Ph.D.’s in sports nutrition. They cover when to eat specific nutrients and why. The doctors have worked to help Olympic athletes reach their best potential, via nutritional science. This book can be a bit dry, but it is worth the read if you’re interested in knowing sports nutrition in-depth. The book explains the processing of nutrients into the blood stream, based on what nutrients are eaten. I love this book because it does not bash people who want to build a lot of muscle — the way some other publications by health experts with degrees often do. Its high-protein done intelligently.

  • Covers pre- and post-workout nutrition, including what happens if you miss the nutritional window for maximum growth post-exercise.
  • Covers micronutrient ratios for specific goals (ratio of carbs, protein and fat one should eat per day)
  • Covers how the human metabolism works
  • Covers the human energy transport system in detail (how the body generates and regenerates energy needed for muscle contractions).
  • Each chapter has references to recent studies that tie into the topics covered.

I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars because I don’t agree with the protein ratio given. It’s on the low-end, and that is a little conflicting with other tried and true techniques, that I know many well-informed athletes follow. The athletes the authors have worked with are not bodybuilders, so I’ll give them some slack.


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