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    Updated: Undesirable Side Effects of Steroid Use

    Bodybuilding is a sport/activity wherein many people choose to take steroids to achieve rapid, maximum muscle growth. Competing on a bodybuilding stage and standing beside the perfectly muscular and super-lean physiques of champion bodybuilders can be overwhelming. This can result in an easy dismissal of all the hard work you may have put into your physique, whether months or years of training. For this reason, I advise people who plan to compete in physique competitions to proceed with caution and great awareness. Many competitors have no qualms about using numerous and varied means to obtain a winning physique. And, no, a natural bodybuilding competition does not entirely mean “natural.” There…

  • Tribute to Lenda Murray
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    Updated: Athlete Tribute to Lenda Murray

    Lenda Murray ushered in modern female bodybuilding when she won her first Ms. Olympia title in 1990. Her stacked physique devastated the competition. From there, she went on to win eight Ms. Olympia titles, a record overtaken only by Iris Kyle (as of this post). Before bodybuilding, Lenda was a cheerleader. In a biography I saw about her life, she said she was interested in what the guys were doing in the weight room and decided to try it herself. Later, she became part of Joe Weider’s bodybuilding family — starring in training videos with other athletes trained under Weider, such as The Weider Principles video series. Lenda is now over fifty…