• How Many Days a Week Should You Train Per Goal
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    How Many Days/Week Should You Train?

    Your body is a reflection of your habits. For results, you must expose yourself to the right exercises for your goal at a frequency that tells your body it’s time to adapt. In other words, shake up what your body is used to and introduce it to a new norm that it must condition itself to. That conditioning can come in the form of fat loss, muscle gain, increased strength, or learned skills – depending on how you train. Given this reality, it’s important to understand how many days of training are required to meet your fitness and body goals. Certified personal trainers often tell clients they need to dedicate…

  • What is a split schedule
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    What’s a Split Schedule?

    A split schedule is a weekly training routine that involves dedicated training days for each muscle group, enabling each muscle group to be trained intensely, in turn encouraging maximum muscle growth or strength. With a split schedule, each muscle is trained more fully, because all your energy is devoted to one or two (sometimes three) muscle groups per session, as opposed to full-body training. Split schedules also prevent the over-training of any particular muscle group, because while you train one group, you’re not training another at the same time. Thus the muscles you worked on Monday can recover on Tuesday, or even a few days before you get back to…