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    Updated: Why You Need to Log Calories

    Some personal trainers and “health gurus” don’t believe in logging calories. Instead, they say “eat when you’re hungry.” I don’t agree with that. I know from experience that eating below or too far above the amount of calories your body requires (for muscle gain, fat loss, or maintenance) can sabotage any prospect of reaching your goals. For someone serious about reaching athletic and/or aesthetic goals, not tracking your calorie and micronutrient needs is the equivalent of winging it and hoping for the best — it’s simply lazy. When I started working out in 2002, I had no clue how to eat for optimum health and fitness. In fact, I thought…

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    The Body Fat Solution Review

    An extension of Tom Venuto’s previous book, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, The Body Fat Solution is not very instructional, but it is intensely motivational and concise. Tom focuses on the root causes of obesity, such as emotional eating, mental outlook, and even the type of people you hang around. I would recommend The Body Fat Solution to anyone embarking on the fitness journey for the first time, or if you’re already fit but need re-motivation. And if you don’t like being stuck in a room reading, there are no excuses, because The Body Fat Solution is available not only on paperback, but on Kindle, and audiobook.  TIP: I recommend reading Burn the Fat…