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    Training for Mass vs Tone

    Some people are afraid of inadvertently growing large muscles and simply want muscle tone. The truth is, building massive muscles is a deliberate process, requiring a calculated set of exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes that vary from what’s required for muscle tone. If done properly, one can embark on mass gain or muscle tone with ease. Just use the information below as your guide. THE MASS-GAINING MOTTO: SLOW & HEAVY Exercise requirements for growth: To grow mass, you must lift heavy, and acclimate muscles to high-tension exercise. To lift heavy each set, you must recover after every set. This means long periods between sets and not rushing from exercise to exercise (supersetting).…

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    Championship Bodybuilding Book Review

    Chris Aceto is known for creating bodybuilding champions like Jay Cutler. He wrote Championship Bodybuilding in the 1990’s. Before reading the book, I had an extremely difficult time putting on muscle. My goal was to show off my muscles without having to flex. In 2005, I obtained my personal training certification from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). I learned the basics of weight training and nutrition and about training phases (beginner, intermediate and advanced). However, the course was geared toward general fitness, not for people with bodybuilding aspirations. At this point, I had been working out exclusively at home for five years. I had a fairly lean, unimpressive physique. My frustration…