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    Not Ready for a Public Gym? No Problem.

    Believe it or not, you don’t have to join a gym to get in shape and stay that way. Before I joined a gym, I exercised in my living room every day for five years. I never wanted membership at a public gym. I can be myself at home and even goof around, which makes for a more enjoyable workout. I also tend to train harder in privacy (grunting and ugly faces of strain are allowed). At a gym, since it’s a public place, some people, like myself, find it uncomfortable, and time doesn’t necessarily make this go away. Thankfully, public gym membership is optional for many goals. If you…

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    This Month’s Like – Strength Wars

    On weekdays I listen to podcasts from professional coaches, like Mike Boyle on my Experts &┬áMotivators page. On weekends, I watch an hour or so of fitness videos from random athletes and professionals. One weekend while watching Kai Green — or some other athlete, among the recommended videos was a battle between a calisthenics athlete and a power-lifter in a series called “Strength Wars”. Well, considering I’ve been backing away from 100% bodybuilding to focus on calisthenics, I had to watch the video. Strength Wars takes athletes with different training specialties and pits them against each other in a sort of strength obstacle course. What I like is that most…

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    Healthy Food Delivery

    Get high-protein, healthy food delivered to your door! I’ve been looking for something like this for years. My life consists of being a mother, working at home and outside of the home, and training. Shopping for food — or shopping at all, is one of my least favorite things to do. Whenever I force myself to the grocery store, I think about the many other things I could be doing other than fighting with people in the aisles. So, I nosied around the internet and I found companies that specialize in eliminating┬áthe need for just that. The companies featured below, create healthy, high-protein meals for health-conscious people. These companies are…