• Championship bodybuilding
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    Championship Bodybuilding Book Review

    Chris Aceto is known for creating bodybuilding champions like Jay Cutler. He wrote Championship Bodybuilding in the 1990’s. Before reading the book, I had an extremely difficult time putting on muscle. My goal was to show off my muscles without having to flex. In 2005, I obtained my personal training certification from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). I learned the basics of weight training and nutrition and about training phases (beginner, intermediate and advanced). However, the course was geared toward general fitness, not for people with bodybuilding aspirations. At this point, I had been working out exclusively at home for five years. I had a fairly lean, unimpressive physique. My frustration…

  • Weider System of Bodybuilding
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    The Weider System of Bodybuilding Book Review

    Rating ****   Joe Weider was an expert on bodybuilding, and the foremost sought out trainer from the bodybuilding golden era, and beyond. I purchased this book after watching a video that featured one of his athletes. He stated something along the lines of: “Modern bodybuilders don’t train as hard as the original generation. They rely on the pharmacy.” That athlete and other former pro bodybuilders have stated that they are surprised at the slow progress of modern bodybuilders. How from one year to the next, they aren’t putting on that much muscle, or they don’t cut well enough to appear properly conditioned on stage. Putting all of these comments together, I…