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    Glute Development: 4 Moves to Try

    Developing the glutes is kind of an art. We all have a unique pair. Some of us have high glutes, some have low, some wide, pear-shaped, or compact glutes. We might stumble upon articles all about how to shape the glutes to your desire. But, while I say developing the glutes is kind of an art, it is really a science. That science is completely based in maximum muscle activation. The more muscles you activate, the greater the development. This means you’ll have to work the prime movers (agonists — muscles doing the most work for an exercise), supporting muscles (synergists) and stabilizers (fixators) to get on the path to…

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    Want Developed Shoulders? Practice Handstands.

    You don’t have to be proficient at an exercise to reap benefits from it. The process of building the strength and musculoskeletal stability to hold a handstand in itself yields muscular development. Eight years of bodybuilding never came close to giving me the upper body I’ve always wanted, but functional exercise (handstands included) finally got me there. Functional exercise involves training muscle groups to work synergistically to complete a movement. This provokes higher caloric burn than isolation exercises, and many functional exercises engage the core, whether working the upper body or the lower body. I swapped bodybuilding for functional training because my ultimate goal is lifelong health, and functional exercise…

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    Weighted Dips

    Don’t be content with chair or parallel bar bodyweight dips If there’s anything I’ve learned from training consistently for nearly two decades, it’s there’s always a next level to every exercise and training program. I stagnated at bodyweight dips for years. The video below is of my first time trying weighted dips, and I was delighted to learn I’m pretty strong at them. So what took me so long to strap on a weight for this exercise? Because it was so difficult for me to master parallel bar dips, I believed I would be terrible at weighted dips, and I couldn’t think of a reason that I’d need to get…

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    Quick Calisthenic Move

    I saw Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson do this once — thought I’d give it a try. For months I couldn’t do more than two reps in a row. I realized my technique was the problem. To be successful with this move, reach up and over from start to finish (arms up in the lying position and forward from seated to standing). This exercise helps condition good landing form for aerial movements.

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    Single-Leg S. Ball Hip Thrusts

    Why you must add this exercise to your glute routine: Unlike bilateral hip thrusts (w/ both legs on the floor), single-leg hip thrusts enable 100% focus on each glute through working them separately. Unilateral (single leg, single arm) movements force all muscles in the targeted area to be activated to keep the body from falling over. Bilateral movements, on the other hand, require less balance, thus less muscle activation, equaling limited muscle development. Lastly, the above movement is a 3-in-one exercise. Contrary to bilateral hip thrusts, the balance element of single-leg stability ball hip thrusts puts additional stress on the glutes, thighs, and abs. Equipment needed:

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    Thanksgiving Leftovers w/ Asian Twist

    Below is a simple Thanksgiving leftover recipe. Actually, it’s so simple, it’s less of a recipe and more of a combination of a few ingredients that can easily be retrieved from a supermarket shelf — aside from the turkey leftovers themselves, of course. I had the meal featured in this post after 10 PM; therefore, no carbohydrates are in this meal. Remember, carbohydrates fuel activity. The body seeks carbs during physical exertion, something I don’t do at 10 PM. Eliminating carbs at night or when you’re less physically active is an easy way to avoid storage of unburned calories. Here are the simple ingredients of my late-night Thanksgiving leftover meal:…

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    Things I Like – New Favorite Fall Boots

    Fit women need more than stretchable leggings and sneakers. We also need everyday fashion options, and I love boots; they’re the only thing I like about colder weather — that and coats, scarves, gloves, pumpkin pie, holiday cheat meals — well, I guess “only” is a bit inaccurate, but it’s close.   Sam Edelman is my new favorite boot designer, if only for the awesome boots featured in this post. I found these burnt maroon colored boots at a local Ross store. The color struck me, but what sold me was the clash (and genius) of the wide, speckled-gray laces. The boot design itself is masculine chic, meaning the design is masculine…