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Championship Bodybuilding Book Review

Chris Aceto is known for creating bodybuilding champions like Jay Cutler. He wrote Championship Bodybuilding in the 1990’s. Before reading the book, I had an extremely difficult time putting on muscle. My goal was to show off my muscles without having to flex. In 2005, I obtained my personal training certification from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). I learned the basics of weight training and nutrition and about training phases (beginner, intermediate and advanced). However, the course was geared toward general fitness, not for people with bodybuilding aspirations. At this point, I had been working out exclusively at home for five years. I had a fairly lean, unimpressive physique. My frustration caused by a lack of gains, drove me to search and search online and ask for advice from anyone who to had the physique I wanted.

Finally, in 2007, I found out about and quickly read, Championship Bodybuilding. In it, author Chris Aceto introduced me to the concept of progressive overload and stressed the needed for training variety and access to a facility with the poundage and equipment necessary to increase weight regularly. I joined a public gym for the first time after reading his book. I’ve been a member ever since.

I put on more muscle six months after reading the book than in the five years that I trained at home. Armed with nothing but Aceto’s book, I also competed in a figure competition that year.

From 2009 Texas Round Up - the only competition I entered.

Breakdown of the book

The book is only for people who seek muscle growth. It’s not best-suited for tone, fat loss, or general fitness.

  • Aceto covers form and technique of bodybuilding exercises. Drawings and descriptions included.
  • Aceto goes over the different set and rep schemes for different fitness levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced)
  • Training schedules – Aceto goes into detail about split schedules and offers multiple options for beginner, intermediate and advanced trainees.
  • Types of sets – Drop sets, pyramids, supersets and so on.
  • How to obtain optimum muscle fiber recruitment, via peak contractions, forced reps and partner-assisted cheat reps.
  • Nutrition – Off-season and on-season nutrition are covered.

Championship Bodybuilding is so much more than what I can write in this blog post. It has helped me greatly. In fact, the five years of training I did prior to reading the book, did not produce one month worth of the results I received from reading the book.

championship bodybuilding book review

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