• Woman doing muscle-up progressions
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    Muscle-Up Progressions

    The following progressions are just a few of many muscle-up progressions that exist. My gym has limited pull-up bars, so for me, using an assisted pull-up machine and rings for progressions is sufficient. However, your gym might have varying levels of bars, which can be more useful when learning muscle-ups. Regardless of whether you practice on a bar or with an assisted pull-up machine, the push-off and band techniques in the below video can be utilized to build up the strength to an unassisted muscle-up. The ring progression shown, however, works best on rings. I purchased the band used in the video on Amazon: WOD Nation Pull up Assistance Band…

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    Want Developed Shoulders? Practice Handstands.

    You don’t have to be proficient at an exercise to reap benefits from it. The process of building the strength and musculoskeletal stability to hold a handstand in itself yields muscular development. Eight years of bodybuilding never came close to giving me the upper body I’ve always wanted, but functional exercise (handstands included) finally got me there. Functional exercise involves training muscle groups to work synergistically to complete a movement. This provokes higher caloric burn than isolation exercises, and many functional exercises engage the core, whether working the upper body or the lower body. I swapped bodybuilding for functional training because my ultimate goal is lifelong health, and functional exercise…