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    Not Ready for a Public Gym? No Problem.

    Believe it or not, you don’t have to join a gym to get in shape and stay that way. Before I joined a gym, I exercised in my living room every day for five years. I never wanted membership at a public gym. I can be myself at home and even goof around, which makes for a more enjoyable workout. I also tend to train harder in privacy (grunting and ugly faces of strain are allowed). At a gym, since it’s a public place, some people, like myself, find it uncomfortable, and time doesn’t necessarily make this go away. Thankfully, public gym membership is optional for many goals. If you…

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    Updated: The Weight/Body Fat Conundrum

    Body weight doesn’t matter, body fat does. Here’s an analogy. Think back to your middle school earth science class. Remember when you had to weigh different rocks, and it was shocking to find a small rock that was much heavier than it looked, even heavier than larger rocks? What was your teacher’s explanation? If you don’t recall, here it is: the rock was dense; in other words, it had a tightly-compacted cell structure. Density impacts weight. The more dense something is, the more it weighs. The same is true for muscle versus fat. Muscle is dense and compact. fat is less dense, and but occupies more space. As you lose…

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    Why Yoga?

    Whether you want to be flexible or not, stretching is essential for everyone of all ages. I obviously learned this when studying to become a personal trainer, but, I admit, I didn’t implement stretching in my routines as much as I was supposed to. However, after eight years of bodybuilding and limited to no focus on stretching, my body eventually screamed for me to become flexible. I had developed a nagging tight hip flexor, tight shoulders, tight hamstrings — everything was tight. And not in a sexy way, but in an injuriously tight muscles sort of way. Overlooking flexibility meant I wasn’t as fit as I appeared to be. To gain more…

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    Women’s Beginner Upper Body Strength Workout

    Exercise Type: Strength/Resistance Level: Beginner Goal: Muscle development & endurance Baseline set & rep schemes for strength exercise: 8-10 reps – this rep range stimulates muscle growth. You must lift a weight or choose a resistance level challenging enough that you’re physically unable to perform more than 8-10 reps. 12-15 reps – this rep range builds muscle endurance. You must lift a weight or choose a resistance level challenging enough that you’re physically unable to perform more than 12-15 reps. Reps to failure – perform exercise until your form suffers or until performing one more rep is impossible. Rest periods for strength exercise: During between-sets resting periods, shake out exercised muscles to flush…

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    Memorial Day Workout – Upper Body Adult Gymnastics

    Exercise Type: Core/Calisthenics/Gymnastic Strength Level: Beginner to Intermediate Goal: Skill development & muscle retention/gain Warm-up 3.5-minute jog around gym Forward and backward shoulder circles: One set: 20 – 30 circles each way Lightweight, one-arm kettlebell swings: One set: 15 – 20 swings per arm Wrist circles and stretches: Three sets: 20 – 30 circles each way and floor or wall stretches in each direction Total time: approx. 7 minutes Handstands 20 minutes of practice; can include forward rolls, however, the focus is on handstand holds Handstand Eccentric Push-ups (HeSPU) 3 sets to failure or no more than 8 reps each set Muscle-Up Practice on Rings 3 – 4 sets to failure Use…

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    4 Rules to Pull-Up Mastery

    Mastering pull-ups is difficult for everyone. Some people even have it on their bucket list. That’s a bit dramatic. But I get it. I felt like I was going to pop a blood vessel when learning the movement. While this exercise is difficult for both men and women, women cite more difficulty with it. Part of this might be a general lack of upper body strength in women, but I think the biggest barrier is a lack of dedication to the exercise. Pull-ups just aren’t a standard “women’s exercise.” Many women may want to do the exercise, but after tasting the difficulty of it (as both genders do), they resign to the…

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    My New Training Mix vs Old

    For thirteen years (as of 2015) I followed a bodybuilding training regime. Now for the past year, I’ve been following a new training mix of athletic training: mobility, flexibility, and functional exercise. Why the change? I found flaws in my old routine. Strict bodybuilding practices, with limited focus on flexibility, mobility, or functionality, led to muscle imbalances and tightness in my body, leaving me prone to injury. So, after a binge on athletic training books and audio seminars, I modified my exercise priorities to better help me with my goal of lifelong fitness. Below is a summary of the changes I’ve made to my training. Mobility, Flexibility, & Functional Training A…

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    Custom Exercise Plans

    What’s your goal? Fat loss, muscle gain, toning, improved mobility, strength?   Your custom exercise routine will be created from 14-year veteran, fit mom, and trainer, Sylvia Petro, who specializes in all the above. This is no BS training. If you are dedicated, you will get results, and fast. Testimonials “After years of not searching for “the correct” diet and exercise routines I’ve finally come across someone who knows what they are talking about. Sylvia practices what she preaches.” Matthew – Austin, TX   “Working with Sylvia was absolutely my pleasure. She’s very knowledgeable and dedicated to her work. The results show throughout training with her. I would definitely recommend…