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    Muscle-Up Progressions

    The following progressions are just a few of many muscle-up progressions that exist. My gym has limited pull-up bars, so for me, using an assisted pull-up machine and rings for progressions is sufficient. However, your gym might have varying levels of bars, which can be more useful when learning muscle-ups. Regardless of whether you practice on a bar or with an assisted pull-up machine, the push-off and band techniques in the below video can be utilized to build up the strength to an unassisted muscle-up. The ring progression shown, however, works best on rings. I purchased the band used in the video on Amazon: WOD Nation Pull up Assistance Band…

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    Things I Like – New Favorite Fall Boots

    Fit women need more than stretchable leggings and sneakers. We also need everyday fashion options, and I love boots; they’re the only thing I like about colder weather — that and coats, scarves, gloves, pumpkin pie, holiday cheat meals — well, I guess “only” is a bit inaccurate, but it’s close.   Sam Edelman is my new favorite boot designer, if only for the awesome boots featured in this post. I found these burnt maroon colored boots at a local Ross store. The color struck me, but what sold me was the clash (and genius) of the wide, speckled-gray laces. The boot design itself is masculine chic, meaning the design is masculine…

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    This Month’s Like – Gymnastic Bodies Course

    My initial interest in the Gymnastic Bodies’ courses began in 2015. By then, I had been lifting since I was 17 and focusing on bodybuilding. Since then, I’ve learned that while hypertrophy (muscle growth) is great, it has to be coupled with flexibility and functional movements to keep the body progressing and to prevent injury. In 2015, my nagging shoulder tightness and limited flexibility urged me to expand my exercise repertoire and try something new. I purchased the Gymnastic Bodies’ Handstand One course in 2016 and soon dropped bodybuilding for calisthenic strength and functional exercise. After ordering Handstand One, I incorporated gymnastic strength moves in my weekly training routine, three days…

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    Exercise Videos

    Below are videos from my current transition from bodybuilding to gymnastics. See my progress below, and maybe challenge yourself to some of these movements. Latest Handstand Practice Vid – 07/13/18: View this post on Instagram I can't do a strict HS yet, but I can do this. #handstand #adultgymnastics #bodyweight #calisthenics #functionalexercise #fitmom #fitness #success #progress A post shared by Sylvia Petro (@bsmf_ig) on Jul 14, 2018 at 5:07pm PDT Back Walkover Practice:   First Attempt of Archer L-Sit Pull-Ups on Rings: Front Walkover Practice: Push-Up Variations: SylviaAs an athlete for over 18 years and a broke single mom for most of that time, I created this site to aid…

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    Handstand Progress

    I can finally get up into a handstand on almost every attempt. Mind you, I can’t hold for long, but it’s progress! Again, I’m learning completely on my own. My teachers are a book, Overcoming Gravity, and YouTube. SylviaAs an athlete for over 18 years and a broke single mom for most of that time, I created this site to aid not only broke single parents to a life of fitness, but anyone who believes the road to fitness requires a lot of cash or time. In reality, the way to fitness is paved with knowledge and firm principles; teaching readers how to master both is the goal of this…

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    7 Reasons Why I Don’t Compete

    Bodybuilding seems to be gaining in popularity, and many die-hard gym rats train with the ultimate goal of competing. This goal provides purpose and motivation to train hard. But there are a fraction of fitness enthusiasts who have no intention of competing – at least not in an aesthetics-based competition like bodybuilding. These people don’t care who finds their body to be attractive or not. They push their physical limits for the fun and love of it. They are performance and skill-driven and do not seek recognition and approval from others. I fall into that camp, but I haven’t always. As a fitness newbie, I was sucked into the superficial world…

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    Today’s Workout – Back Workout & Handstand Practice

    Pull Up Variations – 4 Sets Supersetted w/ Back Extensions Set 1 & 2 Mixed grip pull ups to failure Set 3 Wide grip pull ups Set 4 Close grip pull ups   Cable One Arm Rows w/ Rope – 4 Sets Set 1 – Warm up set 12 reps Set 2 & 3 – Working set 10 – 12 reps Set 4 – Heavy set to failure   High Cable Rows – 4 Sets (I made up this name, not sure of the official name. Put cable low on cable machine, stand far back in squat position with a bar attachment. Pull the weight to your belly, contract your back…

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    Things Other Women Say & Do to Fit Women

    I was five years into my fitness journey when I first noticed the below-listed negative behaviors and comments from other women. I was taken aback by the potency of what felt like anger, hatred, or frustration emanating from their eyes and mouths. My first experience of this came from a teacher whom I respected, viewed as an intellectual, and thought was mentally far above the petty female insecurities that evoke the above-described hallmarks of a woman bothered by another woman’s success. I was a new, young mom, and she was middle-aged and a mother herself. The year prior, we had many enriching conversations, but after my pregnancy, I vowed to…