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    It’s Tonic Time: Herbal Tonics for Health + Wellness

    I am a huge fan of herbal tonics! Tonics are ancient medicines that can be traced back several millennia. If you search the internet, you might find that many sites make a common claim that tonics originated in specific areas of the world, which might very well be true. However, in my research into medicine passed down from ancestors and the ancient ones globally, I learned that tonics existed in many cultures and regions across the entire planet. They just weren’t always known as “tonics.” An herbal tonic is created from a variety of herbs that can prevent, restore, and invigorate all of our body systems. Although our bodies are…

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    Supporting Your Fitness Habit on a Budget

    As a broke single mom, I’ve struggled to stretch my budget to meet my caloric and nutritional needs as well as cover my gym membership. Some years were good, others were bad, moneywise. I’ve always had to scratch my head and figure out the best way to meet my fitness goals and at the same time take care of my son and other expenses. When I was a full-time personal trainer, I sometimes had no money for food at all. Now, as a part-time business owner and part-time employee, I have a bit more money to work with — just a bit. So I’ve asked myself, what do I really…

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    Scivation Xtend Review

    Xtend Pre-Workout Supplement: This supplement has been on of my favorites for years. It really provides an energy boost without giving you a jittery feeling. A full serving before your workout is advised, and on off days, a serving in you water throughout the day. Unfortunately, I recently learned that something in the formula is linked to cancer. I have since dropped use of the product. Now, I go without a pre-workout supplement training days. I know there are plenty of other products on the market that serve the same function, however, over the years, I have found that I can handle most workouts without a pre-wo supplement.   Old rating:…