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    Custom Exercise Plans

    What’s your goal? Fat loss, muscle gain, toning, improved mobility, strength?   Your custom exercise routine will be created from 14-year veteran, fit mom, and trainer, Sylvia Petro, who specializes in all the above. This is no BS training. If you are dedicated, you will get results, and fast. Testimonials “After years of not searching for “the correct” diet and exercise routines I’ve finally come across someone who knows what they are talking about. Sylvia practices what she preaches.” Matthew – Austin, TX   “Working with Sylvia was absolutely my pleasure. She’s very knowledgeable and dedicated to her work. The results show throughout training with her. I would definitely recommend…

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    Best Pants for Athletic Legs

    I’ve ripped a few pants in my adult life, thanks to my muscular legs, but I’d never consider losing muscle to fit into a pair of pants. Instead, I buy what fits me. Athletic, shapely legs need room. Not just for comfort and fit, but also for healthy blood circulation. This is why super tight jeans and pants are simply a bad option. “Stretchy” is the keyword. 3-5% spandex pants usually do the trick. The pants below vary from work-appropriate to casual. All are stretchy, super comfy, and flattering to an athletic shape. Work-friendly   Casual/Everyday Form-flattering These pants are on my Amazon short-list.     Wait, pants specially designed for muscular women? That’s exactly what Barbell…

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    Change Up Your Boring Morning Oats

    Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, PB2 (original flavor for some protein), cinnamon (for flavor), and blueberries (for antioxidants). Cinnamon powder, sliced strawberries, low calorie almond milk. Raisins, nutmeg, and low calorie almond milk. I’d like to know, how do you jazz up your oatmeal? Post your recipe below.   SylviaAs an athlete for over 18 years and a broke single mom for most of that time, I created this site to aid not only broke single parents to a life of fitness, but anyone who believes the road to fitness requires a lot of cash or time. In reality, the way to fitness is paved with knowledge and firm principles; teaching…

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    Protect & Build Your Posture w/ These 14 Posterior Chain Exercises

    You call yourself an athlete? Then you must build a strong posterior chain: the rear of your body, which comprises of your back, glutes, and hamstrings. The state of these muscles influence your posture, for good or bad, and are vital to optimum athletic performance. Every good athlete has powerful glutes, explosive hamstrings, and a strong back. But if you’re an average gym-goer with a dream to unlock your best body, your exposure to the best exercises to strengthen the posterior chain is likely limited. See the exercises and video link below for the 14 best posterior chain exercises. Exercise Quick Guide: 1. Squat Primary muscles worked: Overall posterior chain, glutes, hams, back, and…

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    Training for Mass vs Tone

    Some people simply want muscle tone and fear inadvertently growing large muscles. The truth is, building massive muscles is a deliberate process that requires a calculated set of strategies applied to your training regime, diet, and lifestyle. All of which, vary from what’s required for solely muscle tone. Techniques to achieve either goal are separate enough to follow with ease. Read the below guidelines to get started. THE MASS-GAINING MOTTO: SLOW & HEAVY Exercise guidelines for growth: To grow mass, you must lift heavy, and acclimate muscles to high-tension exercise. To lift heavy each set, you must recover after every set. This means long periods between sets and not rushing from exercise…