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    Why Women Should Build Muscle

    In a recent survey on the Broke Single Mom Fitness (BSMF) Facebook page, followers voted muscle growth as their number one goal for engaging in exercise. But if you’re not a BSMF Facebook follower and aren’t interested in packing on muscle size, you can still benefit from this post. Your objective should be, at minimum, to retain the muscle you have. This is because muscle mass declines with age, and it is muscle that maintains our posture and provides firmness and tone to our bodies. Further, building muscle can benefit women in many other rewarding ways, below are six compelling benefits that can motivate you to make some #gainz. 1.…

  • Pistol to Rear Jump Exercise
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    Glute Development: 4 Moves to Try

    Developing the glutes is kind of an art. We all have a unique pair. Some of us have high glutes, some have low, some wide, pear-shaped, or compact glutes. We might stumble upon articles all about how to shape the glutes to your desire. But, while I say developing the glutes is kind of an art, it is really a science. That science is completely based in maximum muscle activation. The more muscles you activate, the greater the development. This means you’ll have to work the prime movers (agonists — muscles doing the most work for an exercise), supporting muscles (synergists) and stabilizers (fixators) to get on the path to…

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    Bosu Pistol Squats

    Pistol squats on the floor can take months to master, so take the time to learn that skill before moving on to bosu pistol squats. When you decide to give bosu pistols a try, be sure to focus on form and execution, not speed. The worst that can happen is that you’ll fall. No big deal. Just get up and try again with as perfect form as possible. Remember to tighten your core to maintain good balance. SylviaAs an athlete for over 18 years and a broke single mom for most of that time, I created this site to aid not only broke single parents to a life of fitness,…

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    Best Pants for Athletic Legs

    I’ve ripped a few pants in my adult life, thanks to my muscular legs, but I’d never consider losing muscle to fit into a pair of pants. Instead, I buy what fits me. Athletic, shapely legs need room. Not just for comfort and fit, but also for healthy blood circulation. This is why super tight jeans and pants are simply a bad option. “Stretchy” is the keyword. 3-5% spandex pants usually do the trick. The pants below vary from work-appropriate to casual. All are stretchy, super comfy, and flattering to an athletic shape. Work-friendly   Casual/Everyday Form-flattering These pants are on my Amazon short-list.     Wait, pants specially designed for muscular women? That’s exactly what Barbell…

  • Posterior Chain Exercises - Deadlift
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    Protect & Build Your Posture w/ These 14 Posterior Chain Exercises

    You call yourself an athlete? Then you must build a strong posterior chain: the rear of your body, which comprises of your back, glutes, and hamstrings. The state of these muscles influence your posture, for good or bad, and are vital to optimum athletic performance. Every good athlete has powerful glutes, explosive hamstrings, and a strong back. But if you’re an average gym-goer with a dream to unlock your best body, your exposure to the best exercises to strengthen the posterior chain is likely limited. See the exercises and video link below for the 14 best posterior chain exercises. Exercise Quick Guide: 1. Squat Primary muscles worked: Overall posterior chain, glutes, hams, back, and…