• Superset Workout
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    Supersets Explained

    A superset is strength training condensed: two or more exercises performed successively with no rest in between. One round of back-to-back exercises equals one set. Supersets are an excellent training method for building muscle endurance and burning a lot of calories in a short workout. Other advantages — and disadvantages — of this training style are detailed below. Advantages of Supersets Cardiovascular Health By virtue of taking little rest between exercises, the body will enter an aerobic state, challenging your lungs and strengthening your heart. Doing supersets often or increasing the volume or intensity of a superset workout through increasing sets, reps, and adding exercises will further improve your cardio…

  • How Many Days a Week Should You Train Per Goal
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    How Many Days/Week Should You Train?

    Your body is a reflection of your habits. For results, you must expose yourself to the right exercises for your goal at a frequency that tells your body it’s time to adapt. In other words, shake up what your body is used to and introduce it to a new norm that it must condition itself to. That conditioning can come in the form of fat loss, muscle gain, increased strength, or learned skills – depending on how you train. Given this reality, it’s important to understand how many days of training are required to meet your fitness and body goals. Certified personal trainers often tell clients they need to dedicate…

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    Weighted Dips

    Don’t be content with chair or parallel bar bodyweight dips If there’s anything I’ve learned from training consistently for nearly two decades, it’s there’s always a next level to every exercise and training program. I stagnated at bodyweight dips for years. The video below is of my first time trying weighted dips, and I was delighted to learn I’m pretty strong at them. So what took me so long to strap on a weight for this exercise? Because it was so difficult for me to master parallel bar dips, I believed I would be terrible at weighted dips, and I couldn’t think of a reason that I’d need to get…

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    Exercise Cards

    You should have an exercise plan every time you workout. If you’re unfamiliar with writing training routines. Visit this page periodically for updates on split and full-body routines that can be followed at home or at a public gym. At-home Skill Workout Skill training is a division of functional training, focusing on teaching the body new tricks. The routine below focuses on beginner gymnastics skills for any age group.   At-home Leg Workout Treat your home leg workouts like gym workout: have a plan. Here’s a video demonstrating one of the exercises in the routine pictured below — ATW Bosu Lunges + Squats: https://youtu.be/3g-bQPObwaM   Low-intensity, Full-body Workout Need a…

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    Quick Calisthenic Move

    I saw Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson do this once — thought I’d give it a try. For months I couldn’t do more than two reps in a row. I realized my technique was the problem. To be successful with this move, reach up and over from start to finish (arms up in the lying position and forward from seated to standing). This exercise helps condition good landing form for aerial movements. SylviaAs an athlete for over 18 years and a broke single mom for most of that time, I created this site to aid not only broke single parents to a life of fitness, but anyone who believes the road…

  • gymnastics bodies online training
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    This Month’s Like – Gymnastic Bodies Course

    My initial interest in the Gymnastic Bodies’ courses began in 2015. By then, I had been lifting since I was 17 and focusing on bodybuilding. Since then, I’ve learned that while hypertrophy (muscle growth) is great, it has to be coupled with flexibility and functional movements to keep the body progressing and to prevent injury. In 2015, my nagging shoulder tightness and limited flexibility urged me to expand my exercise repertoire and try something new. I purchased the Gymnastic Bodies’ Handstand One course in 2016 and soon dropped bodybuilding for calisthenic strength and functional exercise. After ordering Handstand One, I incorporated gymnastic strength moves in my weekly training routine, three days…

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    Exercise Videos

    Below are videos from my current transition from bodybuilding to gymnastics. See my progress below, and maybe challenge yourself to some of these movements. Latest Handstand Practice Vid – 07/13/18: View this post on Instagram I can't do a strict HS yet, but I can do this. #handstand #adultgymnastics #bodyweight #calisthenics #functionalexercise #fitmom #fitness #success #progress A post shared by Sylvia Petro (@bsmf_ig) on Jul 14, 2018 at 5:07pm PDT Back Walkover Practice:   First Attempt of Archer L-Sit Pull-Ups on Rings: Front Walkover Practice: Push-Up Variations: SylviaAs an athlete for over 18 years and a broke single mom for most of that time, I created this site to aid…

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    Women’s Beginner Upper Body Strength Workout

    Exercise Type: Strength/Resistance Level: Beginner Goal: Muscle development & endurance Baseline set & rep schemes for strength exercise: 8-10 reps – This rep range stimulates muscle growth if performed with a challenging weight. To maximize muscle stimulation, lift a weight or choose a resistance level that is challenging enough that you’re physically unable to perform more than 8-10 reps. 12-15 reps – This rep range builds muscle endurance. Lift a weight or choose a resistance level that enables you to perform at least 12reps. Any reps above 25 are often unnecessary but depend on your physique and performance goals. Reps to failure – Perform an exercise until your form suffers or until performing…