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    Best Pants for Athletic Legs

    I’ve ripped a few pants in my adult life, thanks to my muscular legs, but I’d never consider losing muscle to fit into a pair of pants. Instead, I buy what fits me. Athletic, shapely legs need room. Not just for comfort and fit, but also for healthy blood circulation. This is why super tight jeans and pants are simply a bad option. “Stretchy” is the keyword. 3-5% spandex pants usually do the trick. The pants below vary from work-appropriate to casual. All are stretchy, super comfy, and flattering to an athletic shape. Work-friendly   Casual/Everyday Form-flattering These pants are on my Amazon short-list.     Wait, pants specially designed for muscular women? That’s exactly what Barbell…

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    Clothing for Muscular Women – 4 Simple Rules

    I was inspired to write this article after having an emotional experience with clothes. I have a history of ripping pants, long-sleeved shirts, and never finding jeans that fit my quads, calves, and waist uniformly. I usually laugh at this. It’s kind of a source of pride: knowing I’ve grown enough muscle to burst out of clothes made for average girls and having an athletic build that is not the societal norm. But around 2010, when my mom bought me a dress that made me look like a bulky mini hulk, I thought my muscles were too unfeminine to look appropriate in a dress. I had athletically induced fashion disorder…