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Bowflex Uppercut Review

The Uppercut is the latest of BowFlex’s contraptions. It looks like a device primarily used to assist with a movement rather than add resistance. On the other hand, it looks great for exercises that involve the legs and core, such as pikes and hip lifts. I wouldn’t mind having one of these at the gym to assist my clients on more advanced pushing movements, like one arm push ups.
The material the UpperCut is made out of looks like hard plastic. That material does not last that long, so there is a design flaw with that. My overall opinion is that this piece of equipment isn’t for an advanced trainee or athlete. It may help you get better at certain movements and you might be able to create new movements with it.
Overall, it just seems like another device you can live without. Each one of the movements in the video can be done without it, and it would be more challenging to do without it as well. If you want to get better at pushups, then do push ups.
Bowflex Adjustable Weights are a better product for muscle building:

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