Updated: Clothing for Muscular Women – 4 Simple Rules - I was inspired to write this article after having an emotional experience with clothes. I have a history of ripping pants, long-sleeved shirts, and never finding jeans that fit my quads, calves, and waist uniformly. I usually laugh at this. It’s kind of a source of pride: knowing I’ve grown enough muscle to burst out […]
Butt Bible Review - Quick and dirty takeaways: Great routines that really target the glutes, so you don’t need to worry about overtraining your legs. The order of exercises is excellent. You’ll get a good warm-up and then get into the workout. Your butt will be sore the next day. I recommend doing this workout at least two days apart […]
How I Raised My Credit Score as a Broke Single Mom - Financial literacy wasn’t a topic in my family home while I was growing up. By my early twenties, my mind was pretty much programmed to believe the financial odds were stacked against me. I never looked into building my credit because I didn’t understand the value of doing so, and after gross mismanagement of my […]
4 Simple Rules to Post-pregnancy Fat Loss - Pregnancy puts a woman’s body through some incredible changes to bring life into the world. As a woman’s waistline expands, it’s normal for her to get self-conscious about her figure and worry she may never return to her prepregnancy build. After delivering her child, she can be left with extra fat, loose skin, or both. […]
Woman doing muscle-up progressions Muscle-Up Progressions - The following progressions are just a few of many muscle-up progressions that exist. My gym has limited pull-up bars, so for me, using an assisted pull-up machine and rings for progressions is sufficient. However, your gym might have varying levels of bars, which can be more useful when learning muscle-ups. Regardless of whether you practice […]
Superset Workout Supersets Explained - A superset is strength training condensed: two or more exercises done one after the other with no rest in between. One round of back-to-back exercises equals one set. Supersets are an excellent training method for building muscle endurance and burning a lot of calories in a short workout. Other advantages — and disadvantages — of […]
How Many Days a Week Should You Train Per Goal How Many Days/Week Should You Train? - Your body is a reflection of your habits. For results, you must expose yourself to the right exercises for your goal at a frequency that tells your body it’s time to adapt. In other words, shake up what your body is used to and introduce it to a new norm that it must condition itself […]
Pistol to Rear Jump Exercise Glute Development: 4 Moves to Try - Developing the glutes is kind of an art. We all have a unique pair. Some of us have high glutes, some have low, some wide, pear-shaped, or compact glutes. We might stumble upon articles all about how to shape the glutes to your desire. But, while I say developing the glutes is kind of an […]
Want Developed Shoulders? Practice Handstands. - You don’t have to be proficient at an exercise to reap benefits from it. The process of building the strength and musculoskeletal stability to hold a handstand in itself yields muscular development. Eight years of bodybuilding never came close to giving me the upper body I’ve always wanted, but functional exercise (handstands included) finally got […]
Weighted Dips - Don’t be content with chair or parallel bar bodyweight dips If there’s anything I’ve learned from training consistently for nearly two decades, it’s there’s always a next level to every exercise and training program. I stagnated at bodyweight dips for years. The video below is of my first time trying weighted dips, and I was […]
Exercise Card - Need a WOD that isn’t too intense? Follow the exercises on the exercise card attached to this post and get a low-impact, strengthening workout. After you’re done, please leave a comment with your feedback.
Quick Calisthenic Move - I saw Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson do this once — thought I’d give it a try. For months I couldn’t do more than two reps in a row. I realized my technique was the problem. To be successful with this move, reach up and over from start to finish (arms up in the lying position […]

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  1. Every mom has different fitness goals after the birth of her child. Losing the baby weight can take anywhere from 3 months to 3 years! These moms take us through their journeys to lose the baby weight and to keeping it off!

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