Lifelong Fitness on a Budget!

Broke Single Mom Fitness is not just about being broke or being a mom. It’s not about helping only moms, women, or broke people. Broke Single Mom Fitness is a metaphor for reaching and maintaining fitness goals despite life’s challenges.

I’m a fitness enthusiast who started working out days after giving birth to my son in 2002. I’ve since worked as a personal trainer at numerous gyms, where I trained men and women. Throughout it all, I’ve been a single mom (for the most part). My greatest challenge over the years has been a limited budget and limited time. Nonetheless, I’ve managed to reach and surpass my ever-evolving fitness goals. Through this web site, I will do my best to tackle fitness and nutrition how-to, as well as my training philosophy and perspective.

My Training Technique

My specialty is a mix of calisthenics, bodybuilding, fat loss, and maintenance. Although I started training before the advent of the “Strong Is the New Skinny” and “Strong Is the New Sexy” campaigns, my training and aesthetic goals align with those ideas.

“I don’t need a man to babysit me @ the weight rack” gym tank – coming back soon. Don’t be that girl — there are too many of them. We all can learn fitness and nutrition techniques on our own without dependence on another.

My Health & Fitness Perspective

I love muscle and strength, but my primary goal is lifelong health and fitness, and above all else, maintaining an agile body. There’s nothing like the freedom of movement and good health. With these goals, I mix training techniques that help prevent muscle imbalances, build muscle, and improve flexibility.

My Nutritional Technique: DON’T DIET. EVER! Learn how to eat well for life

With lifelong health and fitness as my goal, I practice eating habits that can be followed for life and remain effective! I don’t diet; I eat smart. My knowledge of macronutrient ratios, caloric requirements for muscle gain and fat loss, and nutrient timing, make that possible. All of which, I write about on this blog.

If my health and fitness perspective aligns with your goals, check out this web site periodically for tips and information on how to get and stay strong and fit for life.

Sylvia Petro 2010 with son


“After years of not searching for “the correct” diet and exercise routines I’ve finally come across someone who knows what they are talking about. Sylvia practices what she preaches.” Matthew – Austin, TX

“Working with Sylvia was absolutely my pleasure. She’s very knowledgeable and dedicated to her work. The results show throughout training with her. I would definitely recommend listening to┬áher advice.” Justene – San Antonio, TX


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