A Word for New Year’s Gym Goers

I have to share this image every year because it’s the same story e v e r y year. Here’s some tough love: DON’T BE A STATISTIC! If your resolution is to get fit this year, stick to it. Don’t be part of the temporary crowd that is a detestable nuisance to gym regulars everywhere. Regulars count the days until the yearly health craze is over, so they can finally regain access to equipment; equipment they know how to use and the flood of new years newbies misuse. How do I know this? I’m a gym regular. I get annoyed by the yearly crowd too. But I wouldn’t get annoyed if all the new members were serious about their goals, and not temporary obstacles around the gym.

Think about it. Will you always be that predictable, cyclical exerciser who gives up months into the year? Or will you earn you spot in the gym — or wherever you train? This year, master your goal(s) once and for all.

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