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I initially took a liking to the Gymnastic Bodies course in 2015. I finally purchased the Handstand One course earlier this month. I’ve been lifting since I was 17. Hypertrophy is great, but it has to be chased by flexibility to keep progress going and prevent injury. After thirteen years of the weight rack, and spending limited to no time on stretching most workouts, nagging shoulder tightness and mobility issues urged me to expand my exercise repertoire. Besides, it was time for a new challenge.

Now that I have the Gymnastic Bodies course at my fingertips, I’m incorporating gymnastic strength moves in my routine three days per week, following the system outlined in the course. If I haven’t lost my hard-earned hypertrophy from the change in my routine by the end of 3 months, I’ll up my gymnastic trainingĀ to four or five times per week. I really look forward to my body evolving into a stronger, more versatile version of itself.


Broke Single Mom Fitness's - This Month's Like - April 22nd 2016

My progress

August 2016

April 17th – week one:

Sylvia Petro's first handstand progression
Did 3 sets for 20 seconds

Check back for more progress pictures.

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