Testimony from a Female Ex-Steroid User

This post correlates to my posts “Undesirable Side Effects of Steroid Use” and “7 Reasons Why I Don’t Compete.” The video below is of strength athlete, Gracie Davis. She is the voice of caution against women using steroids. Her deepened voice and other masculine changes she’s experienced are permanent. Her gains in strength weren’t.

I’ve dealt with pressure from non-athletes and athletes regarding the use steroids for aesthetic and performance enhancement. Anyone who has created a decent body through athletics is likely to be compared to someone who has taken steroids at some point. Why? Because many “users” get to the top of a sport and often look the fittest. In bodybuilding, this is a given. And it’s not too unlikely among CrossFit and strength sports. This is sad, but true, and has happened to me multiple times.

A woman at the gym once equated muscularity to fitness. She told me about a woman she admired, whom she says was more fit than me because she was more muscular. That woman was on steroids. Muscularity alone does not equate fitness or strength — certainly not permanent strength or fitness, and certainly not mental strength. It’s a shame that people who train “clean” are treated as lesser than those who use.

In the below video, Gracie admits to taking Performance Enhancing Drugs, PEDs, as a way to not have to train as hard, and says PED users “have a hard time with commitment and doing things the right way.”

The above quote is something to think about, and something I’ve always known about people who choose to use. Knowing the reasons she admits to, has enabled me to always stay away from steroids, and never admire someone who resorts to using them — no matter how awesome they look.



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