Memorial Day Workout – Upper Body Adult Gymnastics

Exercise Type: Core/Calisthenics/Gymnastic Strength Level: Beginner to Intermediate Goal: Skill development & muscle retention/gain Warm-up 3.5-minute jog around gym Forward and backward shoulder circles: One set: 20 – 30 circles each way Lightweight, one-armĀ kettlebell swings: One set: 15 – 20 swings per arm Wrist circles and stretches: Three sets: 20 […]

Blast Your Shoulders

The Warm Up: Always warm-up before a workout. Doing so prepares your muscles to work, and can decrease your chances of injury. A warm-up is said to “activate” muscles. Which, in theory, helps with growth. I wish I paid heed to this rule when I was a newbie. Then, never […]