Swimwear for Your Body Type

Hour Glass:

If you’re an hourglass you can pretty much wear any swimsuit combo. With one exception: stay away from suits designed to create an hourglass shape. I hope the reason for this is obvious — too of much anything is never good. As for specifically flattering items for an hourglass, boy shorts complement this shape, as well as the other shapes below.

Swimwear for your body type




Look for swimming suits that create give the illusion of shape or curviness. Also find high-waisted bottoms, as they add the illusion of shape to the hips. When you’re a ruler, you need to show off the bit of shape you have. Don’t be afraid of string bottoms (like the bottom picture below).

TIP 1: Don’t wear bikini bottoms low on your hips (or “hipster” style bottoms). This elongates the straightness of a ruler shape.TIP 2: Stay away from boy shorts, they will wash out the bit of shape you have as a ruler.

TIP 2: Stay away from boy shorts, they will wash out the bit of shape you have.


Pear Shape:

Two pieces look great on a pear shape and are often more flattering than a one-piece. Boy shorts are an option also. See below for suggestions.

I hope the guidelines above help you narrow down your summer swimwear search. To share images of your swimwear successes or leave a comment, contact me.

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