Sample Weekly Workout Schedule

Having a weekly training schedule organizes training days to ensure that you’re working each muscle group, each skill or whatever your goal is, with enough frequency for results, while also preventing overtraining. If you’re broke or have a limited budget and can’t have a personal trainer write you a routine, I created the below sample weekly schedule for you.

In order to make your own custom schedule, you’ll need to consider not just training days, but recovery days. Recovery = growth and progress. Below are general guidelines for muscle recovery. These guidelines can vary based on your goal and skill-level.

Recovery days needed between workouts (guidelines are based on strength workouts):


1-2 days rest after training small muscle groups: arms, abs, calves (example below)

Mon: shoulders & triceps, Tues: legs,

Weds: chest & biceps, Thurs: off,

Fri: back & abs, Sat: off, Sun: off

3-5 days rest after training larger muscle groups: back, hamstrings, overall legs (example below)

Mon: legsTues: off,

Weds: chest & biceps,

Thurs: glutes and calves,

Fri: back & abs, Sat: shoulders & triceps,  Sun: off

Sample Weekly Workout Schedule:


Monday: shoulder/triceps/abs

Tuesday: morning cardio – legs in evening

Wednesday: off/optional cardio day

Thursday: chest/back


Friday: morning cardio – glutes/abs in evening

Saturday: biceps/shoulders

Sunday: off/optional cardio day


The preceding schedule follows the recovery rules above, creating an environment for muscle development and toning. Don’t forget to chase each workout with good nutrition for optimum recovery.

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