Quick Nutrition Tip – Your Carbohydrate Intake

Starchy carbohydrates (rice, pasta, bread etc.) are important to have around your workout. Specifically if you’ll be lifting weights or pushing your bodyweight. Your body prefers starches for these types of activity as a primary source of fuel, pre and post workout. However, outside from working out, if you’re inactive, your body can only do so much with these starches when eaten at a less than optimum time for them to be utilized as fuel. In the morning, after your night time fast (sleeping), the body readily takes up the carbs that you ingest for breakfast. It replenishes depleted carb stores from the overnight fast, and begins storing for later activity. With each meal that a starch is eaten, your body stores more. This is why I like to workout after at least two meals. I can perform more optimally. After lunch, if you have already exercised, or if you exercise after work, your body would have stored starches from multiple meals by then. You should be good to go with any exercise you do (assuming you’re eating the necessary calories for your goals). Thus, toward the evening, post-workout, you don’t need more starches aside from your post-exercise shake that aids in speeding the recovery/repair of your drained muscles. Don’t waste calories. Your body has a way with dealing with that, it’s called extra body fat.

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