Memorial Day Workout – Upper Body Adult Gymnastics

Exercise Type: Core/Calisthenics/Gymnastic Strength
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Goal: Skill development & muscle retention/gain


3.5 minute jog around gym

Forward and backward shoulder circles: One set: 20 – 30 circles each way

Light-weight one-arm kettlebell swings: One set: 15 – 20 swings per arm

Wrist circles and stretches: Three sets: 20 – 30 circles each way and floor or wall stretches in each direction

Total time: approx. 7 minutes


20 minutes of practice; can include forward rolls, but focus is on handstand holds

Handstand Eccentric Push-ups (HeSPU)

3 sets to failure or no more than 8 reps each set

Muscle-Up Practice at Rings

3 – 4 sets to failure each

Use the video below as an aid.

Ring Rows

4 sets: 15 – 20 reps


Approx. 15 minutes stretching the overall body, mainly what I worked; my upper body.

More on gymnastics training.


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