Makeup at the Gym?

I used to think wearing makeup at the gym was pretty ridiculous. That was before I started doing it myself. Back when I thought it was ridiculous, I just started training at a public gym. Before that, I worked out at home. I exercised in my living room for a good five years. Then I joined Golds. For the first year, did not wear makeup at the gym. But, then, something in my mind changed. I wanted to look my best everywhere I went. Maybe that is what happens when people get older — you’re more conscious of how you look out in society. I just don’t see the sense in looking bad if I don’t need to. Or if I have control over it. At the very least, I darken my brows before I leave the house for anything. And by the time I go to the gym; around 1pm every day, I already have a layer of cover-up on, so what is the sense in washing it off? Why go around looking sub-par?

Now, I do have my limits. I never wear mascara or eyeliner. Even if I got in the habit, I’m sure I’d not wear mascara at the gym. When I workout, I’m guaranteed to sweat. I don’t want to look like a ridiculous glam girl raccoon at the gym.

What is a good concealer for the gym? I use the products below. I have not experienced drip. Some other products may work better, but I’m happy with what I use. For my brows, I use mascara (see below).

If any of you girls have comments on what make-up to wear at the gym, or why you don’t wear make-up while exercising, drop a line below.

DreamMatteUlta Mascara

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