How to Prevent Holiday Overeating – 3 Simple Rules

Rule 1:

Skipping breakfast and starving yourself prior to the big meal is silly logic and leads not just to overeating caused by obvious hunger from starving yourself, but it also leads to insulin and fat spikes in your bloodstream, which leads to a greater chance of fat retention. Using the starve yourself before the big meal “logic” leads some people to eat thousands of calories in one sitting!

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Rule 2: Maintain your normal eating schedule (e.g., 5 small meals/day, every 2.5-3 hours)

Following this rule will keep you feeling hungry leading up to the big meal, preventing overeating. Adherence this rule will also prevent spikes in calories from eating too much in one sitting. The body can only process so many calories per hour, and if all you’re doing is eating and lounging around, believe me, your body will find a place to store unused/unneeded calories.

Rule 3: Have your holiday meal in the afternoon, not for dinner

Eating the big meal early in the day as opposed to at dinner time, which for most people is after 5pm, will leave you with hours left to burn calories from the meal. The average person is more active during the day than at night. Thus a big meal in the afternoon offers more calorie burning opportunities. This = less fat storage opportunity.

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