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What’s Your Goal?

These routines have been designed by Certified Personal Trainer, Military Warhawk, and broke, fit single mom, Sylvia Petro. Each routine has been used by Sylvia and tried and tested on her personal training clients.


Premiere fat loss routine – available as rapid download

If want to lose a few extra pounds or more, this is the first step on your journey. The exercises in this category focus on the best movements to help you lose fat quickly. You’ll get a sample meal plan with eating guidelines and a grocery shopping aid.



Quickstart routine – available as rapid download

Develop your legs with athletic movements that challenge and burn. This four-week routine is a starter on your journey to shapely and athletic legs, with exercises you can use for life to maintain fitness and shape.


Quickstart routine – available as rapid download

Build a defined and strong upper body. This is a four-week starter routine that will lay the foundation for strength via handpicked exercises designed for muscle development.




Full body 8-week routine – available as rapid download

You want to look sleek and athletic? Who doesn’t? This training category is about fitness, agility, grace, and definition. Each stage of this training category uses the power of your body moving through space, flexibility, and resistance training to create the toned body you desire.



Full body 8-week routine – coming soon

Not scared of muscle? Do you love muscle? This training category is all about muscle growth — hypertrophy. Each stage in this training category uses the science of progressive overload to force muscle growth. Along with size and definition, you’ll enjoy strength and fitness.



Have questions about the guides above?

For questions about routines and training, please contact Sylvia, she’s waiting to help you reach your goals.

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