“Weird trick” for six-pack abs . . . coregasms

The “weird trick” to a six-pack that is probably not advertised in those annoying sidebar ads is coregasms. Yes, they are real. Although, I wouldn’t call them a trick. Or that they are the real secret to a six-pack. But, a coregasm can keep you motivated to do abdominal exercises more often.

If you’re female and you’ve been training your core for a while, a coregasm has probably crept up on you at least once. A coregasm is an exercise-induced orgasm, caused by increased blood flow to the abdominal area, typically triggered by intense core exercise. I’m not sure if everyone has the potential to get a corgasm, but if you can discover what triggers it for you, I’m sure you’ll have some of the nicest abs around.

A coregasm can come out of nowhere, and when it does, you can knock out an extra 20, 30, 40 . . . reps of an exercise. If your ab workout is just not challenging enough, at least you can fall back on a coregasm. You’ll definitely get a good ab workout out of that. Use it as a finisher — just not in a crowded gym.

L-sit holds, leg lifts, leg circles, and other exercises where the lower abs are activated, typically do the trick. These exercises are difficult and cause blood to rush to the core area.

I bet coregasms are nature’s way of trying to get you a six-pack. With this knowledge and my experience, I often wonder why more people, women especially, don’t have awesome abs.


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