COCABANG – Clothing for Athletic Women

Cocabang is a new, US-based company that specializes in casual clothing for athletic women to wear outside of the gym. Their skinny jeans are sure to sell out. I can’t wait to get a pair myself. It’s very hard to find a pair of skinny jeans that fit athletic legs. It always seems that providing a spacious calf area is totally neglected by major brands, and there is not enough elasticity for muscular quads and glutes. Cocabang solves this issue with its flexible fabrics.


Honestly, I used to feel ashamed at department stores, at the fact that I couldn’t properly fit into certain styles, and I ultimately eliminated some styles from my wardrobe. I never wanted to give exercise, of course, so I just dealt with it.

In addition to skinny jeans, Cocabang provides tops and jackets with enough room for well-developed shoulders and arms. That is always a problem of mine as well. I wrote in my post, “Clothing For Muscular Women – Tops and Blouses,” that I would purposely choose a top a size larger just so my arms could fit, but this left me with a top that was baggy everywhere but on my arms. Fit women shouldn’t have to down-grade style, just to fit in clothing. That’s what Cocabang believes in. I look forward to seeing Cocabang’s full clothing line.


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