7 Reasons Why I Don’t Compete

Bodybuilding seems to be gaining in popularity, and many die-hard gym rats train with the ultimate goal of competing. This goal provides purpose and motivation to train hard. But there’s a fraction of fitness enthusiasts[…]

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This Month’s Like – Gymnastic Bodies Course

I initially took a liking to the Gymnastic Bodies course in 2015. I finally purchased the Handstand One course earlier this month. I’ve been lifting since I was 17. Hypertrophy is great, but it has[…]

Things Other Women Say & Do to Fit Women

I was five years into my fitness journey when I first experienced the below listed negative behaviors and comments from other women. At the time, I was personally offended. I even second guessed myself and scrutinized[…]

Sylvia’s Health & Fitness Perspective

I TRAIN FOR SANITY, NOT VANITY! Stay fit! Your health shouldn’t be treated like a competition or a beauty contest—it’s your life. Learn to believe in life-long fitness and health. You should have many reasons why[…]