Butt Bible Review

I purchased The Butt Bible DVD series by Pauline Nordin in 2013. Quick and dirty review: Great routines that really target the glutes, so you don’t need to worry about overtraining the legs. The order of exercises is excellent. You’ll get a good warm-up and then get into the workout. Your butt […]

P90X Review

I followed the full 90 days of P90X back in 2007. Quick and dirty review: To the best of my knowledge, this is the best home workout DVD series for your whole body. Below is how I came to that conclusion. The program is considerate of varying fitness goals and […]

Scivation Xtend Review

Xtend Pre-Workout Supplement: This supplement has been on of my favorites for years. It really provides an energy boost without giving you a jittery feeling. A full serving before your workout is advised, and on off days, a serving in you water throughout the day. Unfortunately, I recently learned that something […]

Bowflex Uppercut Review

The Uppercut is the latest of BowFlex’s contraptions. It looks like a device primarily used to assist with a movement rather than add resistance. On the other hand, it looks great for exercises that involve the legs and core, such as pikes and hip lifts. I wouldn’t mind having one […]