Testimony from a Female Ex-Steroid User

This post correlates to my posts “Undesirable Side Effects of Steroid Use” and “7 Reasons Why I Don’t Compete.” The video below is of strength athlete, Gracie Davis. She is the voice of caution against women using[…]

How to Decrease Bloating & Get Regular

This article is about bathroom regularity — bowel movements. It’s an unpleasant topic, we all know. But it affects many people, especially women. Firstly, this article is not for people with medically related bathroom irregularity.[…]

Best Pants for Athletic Legs

Stretchy is the keyword; think spandex, think breathability, but durability. I’ve ripped a few pants in my adult life thanks to my muscular legs. But I’d never consider losing muscle to fit into a pair of pants. Instead, I[…]

Things Other Women Say & Do to Fit Women

I was five years into my fitness journey when I first experienced the below listed negative behaviors and comments from other women. At the time, I was personally offended. I even second guessed myself and scrutinized[…]

Undesirable Side Effects of Steroid Use

For long-term health and fitness, please resist the temptation to “juice” for fast results! Bodybuilding is a sport/activity in which many people choose to take steroids in order to reach maximum muscle growth, sooner rather[…]