Plyometric Exercise Options

Exercise scientists have attested to the effectiveness of plyometric exercise over other forms of cardio. Incorporating plyometrics into your cardio routine will help you shed fat many times faster than steady-state cardio. Steady-state cardio is[…]

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Unilateral Movements

Unilateral movements follow a more natural movement pattern for the body than bilateral movements — when was the last time you saw an athlete hop, rather than run? Knowing this, many professional coaches incorporate unilateral[…]

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What is a split schedule

What’s a Split Schedule?

A split schedule is a weekly training routine that involves dedicated training days for each muscle group, enabling each muscle group to be trained intensely, in turn encouraging maximum muscle growth or strength. With a[…]

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Championship bodybuilding

Championship Bodybuilding Book Review

Chris Aceto is known for creating bodybuilding champions like Jay Cutler. He wrote Championship Bodybuilding in the 1990’s. Before reading the book, I had an extremely difficult time putting on visible muscle. My goal was[…]

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The Body Fat Solution Review

An extension of Tom Venuto’s previous book Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, The Body Fat Solution is not very instructional, but it is intensely motivational and concise. Tom focuses on the root causes of obesity; such[…]

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