This Month’s Like – Strength Wars

On weekdays I listen to podcasts from professional coaches, like Mike Boyle on my Experts & Motivators page. On weekends, I watch an hour or so of fitness videos from random athletes and professionals. One weekend while watching Kai Green — or some other athlete, among the recommended videos was a […]

Tribute to Lenda Murray

Updated: Athlete Tribute to Lenda Murray

Lenda Murray ushered in modern female bodybuilding when she won her first Ms. Olympia title in 1990. Her stacked physique devastating the competition. From there, she went on to win eight Ms. Olympia titles; a record overtaken only by Iris Kyle. Before bodybuilding, Lenda was a cheerleader. In a biography I saw […]

Cory Everson

Updated: Athlete Tribute to Cory Everson

One of the most elite physiques ever presented on primetime American television occurred when Cory Everson she first appeared on Hercules in 1995. The show had the balls to introduce a fit, well-muscled woman to mainstream America, and I’m glad of it. (If only they did the same with Wonder Woman — […]