Butt Bible Review

Butt Bible


Overall Rating



  • Targeted Glute Exercises
  • Entertaining/engaging


  • Scope Creep
  • Limit to Maximum Growth

Quick and dirty takeaways:

  • Great routines that really target the glutes, so you don’t need to worry about overtraining your legs.
  • The order of exercises is excellent. You’ll get a good warm-up and then get into the workout.
  • Your butt will be sore the next day.
  • I recommend doing this workout at least two days apart from your leg day to avoid any overtraining or training through soreness.

I purchased The Butt Bible DVD set by Pauline Nordin in 2013. Pauline is a great role model for women who want a top-level physique. She speaks the truth about other training techniques during the video. I especially like her comment about yoga butts, and yoga’s limited ability to fully develop glutes.

Limited Glute Development

The main downside to the series is the limit to how far the exercises will take you in terms of growth. Firming your glutes is one thing, developing them maximally is another. If you were born with a flat butt, as I was, you won’t want to stop at toned glutes, you’ll want to grow a real butt. This video won’t give you that. If you have experience with weight training and building muscle, you likely know the need to progressively add weight/resistance regularly to encourage maximal growth. This is called Progressive Overload. The Butt Bible makes no mention or instruction to add more weight to maximize growth. The series is designed as a living room workout. Weights are used but limitedly and with lightweight. This is one of the major pitfalls with any home workout routine, most are only good for beginner’s goals. The Butt Bible falls into this category.

Scope Creep

The series also creeps its way out of the butt arena and into other muscle groups. I think these routines were included because the average woman buying a home workout video series, may not know what to do for her upper body in addition to her glutes. However, I don’t need an upper body routine. I already have a split schedule that works for me. I just wanted The Butt Bible. For this reason, a small portion of the total DVD (or digital streaming) series was relevant to me.

Final Verdict

Outside of the aforementioned minor cons, the series is worth a try as an introduction to targeted glute exercises … because squats are not a guaranteed way to build your glutes, as the myth states. 

Butt Bible Review 



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