Being a single mom is tough. Staying fit as a single mom can be even harder. The trick is learning about fitness, having a schedule, and getting your kids involved.

About Sylvia Petro:

Specialties: strength, conditioning, fat loss, calisthenic strength, sport’s nutrition, lifelong training and nutrition, and bodybuilding

  • 2002 – Became a mom and started fitness journey
  • 2004 – US Air Force Top PRT (Top Female Physical Readiness Trainee)
  • 2004 – US Air Force Warhawk (for fitness excellence)
  • 2005 – Became a certified personal trainer
  • 2009 – Texas Roundup bodybuilding competitor
  • 2010 – Insane Home Fat Loss video series participant
  • 2015 – Began calisthenic strength specialty & adult gymnastics
  • 2016 to present – continuing lifelong fitness journey

Sylvia’s Health and Fitness Perspective

In 2004, I was awarded Warhawk and Top Physical Readiness Trainee in the US Air Force. I’m now totally stronger than the Sylvia of 2004. Sure, I was younger, but I lacked experience and knowledge in training and nutrition. I’m not one of those women who got in shape by paying a trainer or working out with my boyfriend. I educated myself by seeking out authorities in fitness & nutrition. Since 2005, I have worked as a Certified Personal Trainer at Gold’s Gym, Spectrum, Blast, several private gyms, and now online. I don’t believe in fads or trend, only what works for long-term health and fitness. Now, in 2017, I have over fifteen years of health & fitness experience. In that time, I’ve never been without a six pack, high energy, and my favorite: muscle. 

Sylvia Petro 2010 with son

I have extensive knowledge and experience with creating nutrition and training programs. My areas of expertise are natural bodybuilding and calisthenic strength. To me, fitness is not about being hot, sexy, or to fit in certain types of clothing. It’s about how I feel. I like feeling comfortable in my skin every day, having high energy, and keeping illness away. Fitness gives me that. More importantly, I believe in setting a positive example for my son. I want him to know that adulthood does not equate being out of shape; as so many adults are these days. With his whole life ahead of him, I want my son to look forward to being comfortable in his skin and having the energy and discipline to reach any goal. Fitness should not be seen as an option; it’s a necessity for all living creatures. If you’re a parent, be fit for your kids. Set a healthy lifestyle example of a strong, disciplined adult.


Sylvia Was in Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts’ Home Workout Video Series: “INSANE HOME FAT LOSS”

Insane home fatloss


In 2014, I dropped the low-wage reality of personal training and decided to provide fitness advice online. Broke Single Mom Fitness deals with the realities of being a broke single parent, but mostly shares practical lifelong fitness and nutritional practices anyone can follow.


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