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    The Nutrient Timing System Book Review

    The key to a great physique is not just knowing what to eat, but also when to eat specific foods. The Nutrient Timing System was written by two men with Ph.D.’s in sports nutrition. They cover when to eat specific nutrients and why. The doctors have worked to help Olympic athletes reach their best potential, via nutritional science. This book can be a bit dry, but it is worth the read if you’re interested in knowing sports nutrition in-depth. The book explains the processing of nutrients into the blood stream, based on what nutrients are eaten. I love this book because it does not bash people who want to build a…

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    My Lunches in Pictures: 2017-2020

    The gallery of images that follows is in no way all the lunches I’ve had from 2017 to 2020. It’s a snapshot to show the basic composition of lunches, a macro scheme I’ve followed from 2007 when I first read and adopted the nutrition principles in Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto and Nutrient Timing by sports nutrition scientists Dr. Robert Portman and Dr. John Ivy. Adhering to the knowledge in those books and making adjustments based on my evolving goals, I’ve maintained muscle and stayed between 13-16% body fat from 2007-2020. What do all these meals have in common besides being my lunches? Balanced Macros: A…

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    Updated: Undesirable Side Effects of Steroid Use

    Bodybuilding is a sport/activity wherein many people choose to take steroids to achieve rapid, maximum muscle growth. Competing on a bodybuilding stage and standing beside the perfectly muscular and super-lean physiques of champion bodybuilders can be overwhelming. This can result in an easy dismissal of all the hard work you may have put into your physique, whether months or years of training. For this reason, I advise people who plan to compete in physique competitions to proceed with caution and great awareness. Many competitors have no qualms about using numerous and varied means to obtain a winning physique. And, no, a natural bodybuilding competition does not entirely mean “natural.” There…

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    Lifelong Fitness on a Budget! Broke Single Mom Fitness is not just about being broke or being a mom. It’s not about helping only moms, women, or broke people. Broke Single Mom Fitness is a metaphor for reaching and maintaining fitness goals in the face of life’s challenges. I’m a fitness enthusiast who started working out days after giving birth to my son in 2002. I’ve since worked as a personal trainer at numerous gyms, where I trained men and women. Throughout it all, I’ve been a single mom (for the most part). My biggest challenge over the years has been a limited budget and limited time. Still, I’ve managed to reach and surpass my…

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    Broke Single Mom Fitness Recommended Videos and Books Nutrition Books Educate yourself and never fall for fads again. Get nothing but results. BSMF recommended reads: Exercise Books Exercise Videos Read Broke Single Mom Fitness review on The Butt Bible Workout at home with fit mom and trainer for decades, Cathe Friedrich For Rapid Fat Loss Read Broke Single Mom Fitness review on P90X Train at Home PopSugar Fitness for free online home workout videos As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I also earn commissions as a member of the Ascend, Acorns, and CommissionJunction networks. All products advertised align with the philosophies of this website.

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    Healthy Fats

    Many people shy away from all fats when they are trying to be healthy and/or get lean. The truth is, not all fats are created equal: There are saturated fats and unsaturated fats. Some fats are essential and others are not. The source of the fat, the amount you ingest, and if it’s processed or not, makes all the difference. Everyone needs fat in their diet for proper brain function, healthy hair, skin, and more. If you want to lose excess fat, healthy fats help by metabolizing the unhealthy, fats in the body (LDL). Because of this, people with high cholesterol often are recommended to eat foods high in omega…

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    How to Decrease Bloating & Get Regular

    This article is about bathroom irregularity — infrequent bowel movements, that is not only annoying but can cause bloating. It’s not a sexy topic, we all know. But it affects many people, especially women. Firstly, this article is not for people with medically related bathroom irregularity. I’m a personal trainer, not a gastroenterologist. However, as a personal trainer, I have quite regularly helped clients get regular. In my experience, bathroom irregularity is widespread among women for one reason: crazy ideas about dieting. Many women want to look great — everyone does, but the methods a large majority of women use to that end: exotic, short-term diets; elimination of whole food groups;…

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    Sample Weekly Workout Schedule

    Having a weekly training schedule organizes training days to ensure that you’re working each muscle group, each skill or whatever your goal is, with enough frequency for results, while also preventing overtraining. If you’re broke or have a limited budget and can’t have a personal trainer write you a routine, I created the below sample weekly schedule for you. In order to make your own custom schedule, you’ll need to consider not just training days, but recovery days. Recovery = growth and progress. Below are general guidelines for muscle recovery. These guidelines can vary based on your goal and skill level. Recovery days needed between workouts (guidelines are based on…